Saturday, 2 June 2012

Fathers Day

It's getting close to the time where as a mom I reflect on what a wonderful father my husband is. He is kind, caring, disciplining and playful. However the area that I see him most shining in is living how he wants his children to live. Our boys are modeling their lives after him. There are so many things I hear echoed by them and jokes I see them copying. The are desperate to be just like daddy.

Most recently my husband has started the "Insanity" workout program. He works his butt off and I'm very proud of him for having the will power to stick with it. I'm one of those people who get a gym membership in January and start getting lazy mid February! But the thing that has impressed me most with his devotion to staying fit and being healthy is his excitement to invite our children to work out with him. A couple of nights ago I snapped a few pictures of them working out with him. It's cute but it's also a good reminder to myself.

Who am I modeling to my children? What do I want for thing and what is important? Recently I've been reading the book "Effective Parenting in a Defective World" by Chip Ingram. He says "Character is always more caught than taught. Always". Now, I know that this is common sense. But it hit me hard. Do I really want my kids to copy my worship, lifestyle, prayers, devotion, habits, stewardship, generosity, schedule, love and kindness? What needs to change in my life for my childrens sake? Now is the time to change them. Not tomorrow, once my children have started mimicking my behavior, but now.

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