Saturday, 17 September 2011

Life With Baby and Little Ones

People keep saying, wow you must be busy...

Yeah. I guess. Some days my days go at lightning speed and then other days tend to drag until I don't think nap or bedtime are ever in sight. It ebbs and flows. Some days my children are wild animals and the next day they are little kittens who want to curl up on the couch all day, with their blankies and a stack of books.
We recently moved to a new city. I absolutely love the city. The weather is fantastic and the location of our home is perfect. It's a 2 minute drive to the closest toddler spray park and a 2 minute walk to our closest playground. We don't have a backyard currently, so we spend a lot of days at the park. The boys run and run and our 3 week old and I sit against a tree or on a bench and watch them. They adore her and she is already showing signs of mutual feelings :)

As far as me being busy? Well I do feel like I don't ever accomplish anything until the 2 hours after bedtime and then I need to crawl under the sheets and turn off for a few hours. I spend a good chunk of that time, however working on my etsy shop. I make baby hair accessories, girls hair clips, headbands, baby bibs and some pacifier clips.
The laundry is currently piled outside the washing machine and if it weren't for my awesome husband the kitchen would likely have dishes in the sink and sticky messes on the floor.
Maybe someday I'll keep up. I'm sure when the boys and princess are a little bigger... Ah... it'll probably just spin faster :)