Friday, 27 April 2012

Creating a Good Routine

As a stay at home mom it can be hard to establish a good routine. Life is always changing, naptimes adjust or end, different activities are started, but there is a lot of downtime. I need to find a routine or I end up just going with the flow and then we don't ever accomplish anything! My kids are far happier with a steady routine. So I decided to take a tip from Supernanny and make my own daily schedule! We don't follow it religiously but it helps me realize where my time is going. It really is more for me than the kids anyways.
It looks pretty set in stone, but it's soft like clay. If we plan to do other things, or someone is having a meltdown we just do the old switcheroo and it's really no big deal. 
I like to have my career be SAHM. This in no way is stay at home tv watcher or stay at home reader. I want to engage with my children, teach them to play alone, together, to enjoy reading and making things with their hands. Without a schedule it can be easy to find days that slip into those other categories. That being said, Mommy's do not get days off and finding a little down time is always a good thing :)

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